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Writing Challenge - 1 - The Future Revised

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 23, 2017, 7:08 AM
Every month or so we bring you a new challenge to expand your creativity and writing skills.

Challenge yourself with these writing prompts or exercises designed to broaden your writing scope or simply inspire you. Everyone is welcome to join!

:new: Update 23/03/2017 - For members who are planning to join this project - please be advised that the ongoing collab is closed to anyone wishing to jump in beyond this point.
Do not feel disheartened or insulted by this. The choice was made to prevent the storyline growing so huge it collapses under the weight of new characters and angles.

HOWEVER - the challenge is still open to you creating NEW collabs, or stand-alone pieces which embrace the premise of the original challenge prompt.  
All these entries will be added to the journal link below under 'But There's More..." and are just as important and encouraged. :new:

Ok, it's time to introduce a new activity to stir up the murky waters of sluggishness!

All our members are encourage to join whenever you feel like it, and the hope is that if you enjoy these then we can continue proposing more in the future. Your input and thoughts of course are more than welcome.
So without too much needless blabber, I present:

Challenge 1 - 'The Future Revised'

'In a dystopian future, those gifted with wordsmithing abilities are living in fear of the Elite's 'Subduers' - a militant force whose task it is to find them for 'Re-Vision'.  

Few in number and forced into hiding, these writers continue to produce creative literature - a banned activity in this new world - in a bid to remind humanity of a past before the Elite rose to re-write it.  

Those unlucky enough to be captured however, face the dreaded 'Editors', whose task it is to ensure those wordsmiths' creative abilities are put to better use and their free minds indoctrinated to the True Reality, rewriting a fictional history in which the Elite have always been.'

Your Task
Choose one of the 'characters' below and write a short extract from their point of view. Poets, you may also join!

:bulletpink: A free Wordsmith
:bulletpink: A Subduer
:bulletpink: An Editor
:bulletpink: A Wordsmith who has undergone 'Re-vision' and joined the ranks of the Authors of Truth

We give you full creative freedom to take the brief outline above and run with it in whichever direction you feel.  Are the Wordsmiths in possession of true power? Does what they write have a more profound effect than simply to re-open the human mind?  Where did the Elite come from? How long has it been since they came? Can your character remember a time before them?
Are you a renegade Wordsmith gathering others of your kind for the cause? Or are you hiding for your life in terror? erhaps you pick the Author of Truth and choose to write a propaganda article - I mean 'account of great deeds by the Elite' - or maybe you're a Subduer having second thoughts after reading some confiscated material and feeling the spark of humanity returned by the images and worlds penned within?
The choice is yours.

Challenge Specifications
:bulletpink: Bear in mind 'character voice' - your task is to write this in the first person point of view - you ARE the character and so be mindful of how each character in their role will think and act in accordance to their setting and/or beliefs. If you are more likely to be 'the good guy' then why not pick to write for one of the 'bad guys'?

:bulletpink: Word count - max 2,000 - 3,000 for prose - this limitation is a bit more free for poets as I currently am unaware of what is considered an 'average length' and would like your feedback on that.

:bulletpink: Please do not use any existing characters for this if you have them, remember that you are the character.

:bulletpink: You are given full creative freedom to do as you wish with the general outline of the setting provided above

Important Thing To Keep in Mind Before Submitting (work)
:bulletpink: Please make it clear this is for the group challenge
:bulletpink: Please submit to the new 'Writing Challenge' folder - all other rules apply.
:bulletpink: This activity will always be here for you to take part in - but any entries beyond the close date will not make it into the end feature journal

This challenge will be active from March 9th to the end of April

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I am submitting a new fanfic, one chapter at a time and will be patiently waiting for you to approve it. You should know I have given up writing my stories and therefor, I have no more patience for anyone who make me wait too long for them to accept my fanfics I no longer care about. Other groups have disappointed me and I was forced to leave them, please do not disappoint me. Two days max and I will give up and resign.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but I have no dedication left to story writing, so it's hard to stay dedicated to story submitting when no one accepts them for days.
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I'm writing too much, going over the weekly submission :)
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If I asked you to read a free book, would you give me a reasonable review? Let me know where I could improve? This is the first book I've ever published and I'd like the assistance from some more seasoned writers to improve future work.
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Can we expect any updates here?
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I don't know where to post this: I seem to be fighting with my antagonist. She won't tell me what made her snap. You see I know her before and I have ,at least a vague idea, of her as the "antagonist". But those crucial moments when her well intentions become a blood bath are eluding me. Any ideas how to flesh that out?
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WhiskeyDreamer Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016   Writer
I was away for a little while and just came back.  Are you guys still active?
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Hey when do you accept submissions
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